Our Project

Operating Room / Surgical Room

Necessary Airflow

The cost of running a unidirectional ceiling is strongly related to the air flow, and therefore to the surface of the ceiling itself. Airtech proposes an octagonal ceiling instead of square, so to eliminate the protection on the angles where there is no need for. The total surface of the ceiling therefore is smaller by approximately 20%. In regards to this necessary air flow goes down to around 7.200 m3/h.

Trapezoidal absolute filters

All the Airtech laminar ceiling have a octagonal shape 3,2 m by 3,2 m; there are 8 filters with efficiency H14 and their shape is trapezoidal. The absolute filters have a double density; greater in the centre of the ceiling so to have a higher speed and therefore guaranty a better effect of expulsion of the contamination from the aseptic nucleus. With the same filtering ceiling area the trapezoidal filters have a covered area greater by approximately 20% than the traditional standard rectangular filters.

Plenum for air distribution

Trapezoidal filters are equipped with a system to guaranty that air drops in a circular crown around the filters in case of air leakage from the gaskets around the filtering Section. Keeping the crown in depression using the re-suction fans, allows for evacuation of the air which is bypassed the HEPA Filter. Above the filters there’s a galvanished steel plenum (accessory: Stainless steel) for an optimal distribution of the primary air coming from the air conditioner and the re-circulated one is coming from the ceiling. The connections are riveted and sealed. Under the filters there’s a perfectly sterilisable lamination system in micro-holed tissue. At the centre of the octagon the scialitic lamp connection is foreseen.